Reality Check

I just wanted to take a moment to experience a reality check of gratitude for my life. Despite my complaining and whining, my life is pretty damn good. While the great majority of women in this world are living in abject poverty, exploited for cheap labor, overwhelmed with the responsibility of parenthood, and trapped in abusive relationships by shattered economies, I am free to live a overly-analyzed, self-obsessed existence (which, I have to say, I far prefer to worrying about feeding my kids, getting AIDs from my husband, or keeping my $.10 a day job making shoe laces…but that’s just me.) I am oppressed only by the voices in my head.

Yes, I hear voices. These voices tell me that until I’m married, My Life, in all it’s confusing glory, is not yet complete; I am in limbo, living in a proverbial waiting room. Until I’m in a relationship, all the adventure of my creativity, friends, and (albeit brief) romances, is the metaphorical equivalent of sitting in the dentist’s office, flipping through People, and listening to Muzak while breathing recycled air.

The REALITY is that as far as women’s lives go in this world, I’m in the top 5%, if not higher. So long as I can maintain the awareness and self-esteem to tell (some) women’s magazines, (many) television comercials, and (all) mysoginist men (and women) to go #%&* themselves, I am high up on the freedom ladder (an expression I just invented…see how free I am?)

Just for today, I am grateful for my life.



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