There are so many Mirandas in this society (the redhead from Sex and the City who typifies the angry, bitter, hurt woman who has no faith in relationships and, yet, simultaneously kicks ass in her career – LOVE HER!), that it’s hard to find women who will support me in my relationship instead of fanning the flame of Creepy Cat Lady Fear. However, my friend Mary, who has has been married for thirty years, has five kids and has had reams of therapy (because it comes in reams), told me today that I am just scared to “give it up..” (um, give what up?) and that “there are no guarantees…” (what?! after 30 years there are no guarantees?!) and how she always feels resistance when she’s about to walk through the fear to “get to the next level” with her husband (after 30 years there are still other levels?!).

Mary doesn’t see relationships as a place of perfection, but a journey of continual growth. WHY?! Because she’s not Miranda, she’s a character that never made it to Sex and the City because the SHOW ENDED once all the ladies got into commited relationships! I know I am fortunate to have this fountain of wisdom (my friend) at my place of employment, but sometimes talking to he makes me worried that the fear and confusion WILL NEVER END (because that’s exactly what she says)!

Just for today, I will trust the words of the non-Mirandas in my life.



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