Relented Salsero And The Nocturnal Life

I’ve been a night owl for months, but now with the time change I’m seeing more darkness than sun (I’m also delirious with sleep deprivation).

Last night, I was at the salsa club untill 2:00 am. The bouncer had to repeatedly ask me to leave (and there wasn’t even any music playing!). Then I talked to Relentless Salsero (he’s been on sabbatical from my life for a while) for an hour about the platonic nature of our relationship (he claims that he never “really tried” to get me to go to bed with him…lucky me) and crazy people in Salsa World (not including him). Actually, Relentless Salsero seems to have accepted the parameters of our friendship, and now we can actually try to be friends without his relentless pursuit of me. So, to be fair, I will now refer to him as Relented Salsero.

After getting home at 3:30 am, I read for twenty minutes about the crazy people who climbed Mount Everest (another book…yes, I’m obsessed). Somewhere around 4:00 am I fell asleep

Just for today, I need a nap.



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