Lunch With Old College Friend

I just had lunch with an Old (as in “a friend from a long time ago”, not as in “dang, we old!” – though, let’s face it, we are) College Friend who I hadn’t seen since graduation. We did our best to compress 13 years into 1 1/2 hours, or 26 years of combined time. She said I looked the same, but she’s also missed a lot of phases. Like the 15 lb Weight Gain, Pat Benatar Hair Cut, and Blond Highlights phases (not necessarily in that order). She also missed the depression, bad relationship(s), boring job(s), and apartment-smaller-than-most-SUV’s phases. Basically, she arrived back into my life as I have come full circle to Long Brown Hair Aspiring Writer, minus the bushy eyebrows and LL Bean attire. Which is exactly where I was when I graduated from college 13 years ago. Can’t say I’ve made much progress but at least I’ve settled on a hair style.

However, strangely enough, she also had her own depression, bad relationship(s), boring job(s) and apartment-for-compressed-people phases. Don’t know why life has to suck before you learn to appreciate it, but that seems to be how it goes…

However, we do differ in some respects as she is currently on the Marriage Track, and I have yet to find that railroad. She assured me that The Single Life is worth embracing, while she also believes that marriage and partnership (and all the PIA that comes with it) is a path to health and happiness.

“I just keep telling myself that it’s good for me…” she said.

“It sounds like you’re taking vitamins.”

In college we were both judgmental of snooty privileged East Coast people who were either totally oblivious of our judgmental-ness, or just didn’t care (probably both). Now that we’re experienced in the ways of the world and, if anything, justified in resenting the Haves (while we aspire to be them), it seems like kind of a waste of energy.

Still, spending time with her was great. Like taking a deep breath of mountain air after breathing in Los Angeles for 13 years.

Just for today, I can have lunch with an Old College Friend.



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