Home Of The Fabulous

I’m at Peete’s Coffee on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica, Land of Little Dogs, Babies, and General Overall Fabulousness. I think the jeans worn by the average woman walking down the street costs more than my entire wardrobe. Ok, make that the average ensemble (sunglasses, shoes, jeans, and $150 tank top) – not including The Bag, which is probably worth the blue-book value of my Honda Civic.

I came here because I thought I might meet a better quality of Single Guy than at Coffee Shop Land. Nothing against D&D playing screenwriters, but, really, there’s only so much I can talk about British TV shows.

Still, while the guys (and girls) walking around Montana Ave. are way hot, I’m not sure I can hang with this scene. I think the dog yapping is enough put me back on meds. Forget about the inferiority complex triggered by an abundance of flab-less thighs and fine-quality foot-wear.

Just for today, I can spend time in the Land of The Fabulous.



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