Guess I’m Pretty White Then…

Most of the items listed on stuff white people like, a site that addresses in caustic detail the self-consciousness of being a part of the non-trashy, real-estate buying, educated, organic food eating class of white folk, is stuff I was all excited about in my twenties (David Sedaris, Wes Anderson, Public radio, The Onion, film festivals, and anything involving a microphone (that wasn’t on the list, I just thought I’d throw it in). In my 30’s I moved onto a blank slate approach to life that has recently been filled with salsa music and stressful decently-paying jobs….However, I do still like (make that love 1) coffee (which makes me very white) 2) wine and 3) Facebook.

I can honestly say that I’m pretty apathetic towards the following.

1) Obama
2) Travel (I’m agoraphobic)
3) Pot (makes me paranoid)
4) Dinner parties (too much work)
5) Indy music (don’t know any)

Just for today, I feel my whiteness.



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