Super Undercover

A few weeks ago, I bought some Target brand tampons.


I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to understand the packaging. What is the purpose of the image of the purse? Is it trying to show that tampon can fit in a clutch? Then why is it being held up by a hand as if it’s a prize? I looked all over the box for the free give-away coupon.

What about the words “up & up” written on the arrow. You mean up and into my business?

These tampons advertised as “super undercover.” As in, we can hide the fact that we menstruate by stuffing our oversized tampons into the smallest purse we can find?

Two things are strikingly clear: 1) I have way too much time on my hands and 2) Like the iPad, this branding was designed by men.

However, the color scheme matches my web site remarkably well. (I know, I need a redesign).

Just for today, I can denconstruct tampon boxes.



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