She’s A Wonderful Girl

The other night, while riding down the bike path, I ran into a guy who had been dating a friend over the past year, but – as he informed me – recently split up.

“She’s a wonderful girl. I have nothing but kind words to say about her. And she’s beautiful.”

No, not the Nice Guy Break-up! Please, anything but kind words! That’s what a woman wants to hear at the beginning of a relationship. Not at the end. Oh, men, you’re so confusing…!

This, I have decided, is a particularly male behavioral trait. I’ve been through a few of these myself, and from most accounts, he’s not faking it. The Nice Guy Break-Up is not for appearances sake, so much as running-for-the-hills sake. I’m not saying I want a voodoo doll created out of my bra strap. I don’t want want to see my coffee cup smashed to little bits and pieces. I don’t want my secrets spewed out to mutual friends. I’m not looking for pyscho…I just think a woman deserves a little bit of…loss-fueled emotion. Did I make an impact? Am I less influential than an Oprah endorsement?

“It was great, she’s great, but it’s not the right time.”

“Well, you sound great.”

I haven’t talked to her, yet. Maybe she’s fine, too. Though, if my own experience is any indication…probably not.

Just for today, I don’t understand men.



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