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As part of a personal ongoing sociology study, coupled with a perverse desire to disprove the theory that Los Angeles is a terrible (or “the worst”) dating scene in the country (according to 80% of friends polled), I have kept my profile up on a nameless Dating Site (

If nothing else, perusing profiles is fascinating.

Men (on the site) seem to come in two groups: Low Self Esteem, and Irrationally High Self Esteem. Of course, there are also the I’m Just A Regular Guy guys, but that’s usually a foil for the Irrationally High Self Esteem guys who feel some guilt about having been blessed with so many gifts. However, I have been struck by the overwhelming evidence that confidence abounds amongst LA dudes.

“Badass Alpha Male!”

“Witty, handsome, intelligent, talented, and cool guy.”

I haven’t spent any time on the lady’s profiles, but I can’t imagine coming across too many overconfident women.

“Gorgeous, hot, brilliant and down-to-earth Goddess seeks Badass Alpha Male!”

It’s worth a shot.

One guy in his twenties straight-up propositioned me for sex.

He wrote: “Hey! Do you want to have some fun?”

I wrote: “If by ‘fun’ you’re referring to activities like going out to movies, concerts, and restaurants, or bike riding and para-sailing…yes, by all mean. If by fun, you actually mean awkward, drunk and naked groping, I don’t think I’m your older woman…but I’m sure she’s out there.”

However, he didn’t get that message, so he contacted me a second time, thereby, giving me another awesome opportunity to exercise my sense of irony.

“It’s not your thing. That’s cool.”

Then, for some reason, I tried to find out what (other) things he was interested in. As it turned out, he didn’t care to share.

My mistake. Next!

Just for today, I have a profile on a dating site.



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