Occupy My Couch

I really want to be part of the inspiring Occupy Greedy Corporate Territory movement to bring these spoon fed banker D-bags to justice and begin regulating the banks and health care industries. I went to college with some of these guys (and girls) and they really believe in their hearts being that they are somehow exempt from cleaning up after the party is over. That’s what maids are for. I never felt so Mexican as I did in college and I do not look the slightest bit indigenous.

But now that I’m working (thank God), Saturday is my only day take my car in so that the air conditioning system doesn’t blow some smokey substance (we’re going to call it coolant) into my lungs and my remote lock system functions so my car resembles an automobile made in this century (I do have some pride). And Sunday I need to wash my clothes, sweep, and try to sleep so I don’t have to adopt the “blousey” (puffy eyed) look. (Note to self: buy some better eye gel).

I just the movement had started in July or August when I was unemployed.

Just for today, I support Occupy Wall Street!!!!!



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