Obama Has Issues With Smart Women…

…unless she’s raising his children and decorating the White House.

Warning: Rant-ish blog, possibly tied to my issues, approaching.

First, let me say (again), that I never drank the Obama Kool-Aid. I don’t drink Kool-Aid. It’s full of sugar and still reminds me of the creepy pitcher character who smashed through walls (I’m sure most of the world has no idea what that guy is). I also don’t take charming, good-looking people who make nice speeches too seriously, without a few glasses of wine and a reckless attitude. I prefer who make sense and ruffle feathers and understand that in the world we live in somebody always takes it in the rear. Always. In a good world, that’s not 99% of the population.

Here’s my (main) gripe…

First he disses Hilary as his running mate, a fact which I, for one, have – clearly – not gotten over (yes, I hold long term grudges). Then he disses Elizabeth Warren by not appointing her to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency that she built from the ground up. This is becoming a pattern. Perhpas, the guy has issues with smart, powerful (and white) women. Ok, so who can blame him for the last part. But, seriously, work it out in therapy…the country is waiting for you to get your act together and deliver on that whole HOPE concept.

Elizabeth (we’re very close), I’m sure ruffled some feathers, but that’s what happens when you refuse to take it in the rear. It’s just harder to hear women say, “Hell no, motherfucker!”…than, say, Tuco from Breaking Bad. But when women are really smart, educated and, yes, it helps to be white, they eventually get that.

I’ve dated guys like him. Actually, I’ve dated many. Men who want and need smart women, but…make them a little too uncomfortable. The “I love you, I think you’re awesome,” even “You have a REALLY GREAT FUCKING PERSONALITY.” But at the end of the day…go be awesome somewhere else. You’re not the boss of me. I’d rather you go away than have to sit in therapy and talk about my mother’s controlling nature. [I’m not saying that I have it all worked out, but I have spent a used Audi (maybe a 2009) in therapy)]

Ok, Hillary (we’re also very close) and Elizabeth just happen to be my idols. They work hard, have super high powered brains, and degrees, but they make the kind of sense. Women in politics get villified for speaking brilliance or stupidity. We can’t win. Ever.

Just for today, I’m really annoyed.



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