It’s Christmas Time, There’s No Need To Be Afraid…

I used to have this very bratty attitude about the holidays. Basically, it came down to something like this: Until everyone behaves how I would like them to, I refuse to enjoy presents, people, and amazing food.

Occassionally, the sheer goodness of festivity would cut through my resolve for misery. Ok, so the food my mom has made is delicious. Fine. I’m still mad about that comment about [insert gripe of the moment]. Ok, so it’s nice to just chill out with friends and family, drink good wine, and forget about life’s troubles. You think that’s going to make up for my childhood?

So juvenile.

However, two holiday seasons in a row without employment have successfully kicked the last vestiges of that brat out of me. One of those was spent feeling sick and alone. I get it now.

It’s the freaking holidays! If you’re not dead, enslaved, on the street, or being smacked around, enjoy…damnit!

Just for today, I love the holidays.



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