Christmas #39: Mimosas And Mild Family Drama In The Southwest

My mother has an iron will. It could smooth the crease in my forehead (and I’m sure she’d oblige). Nothing will stop her from celebrating Christmas. Not even ten degree weather. I have to admire that kind of commitment. However, for me (emphasis on the words, “FOR ME”…as in “NO JUDGEMENT HERE, JUST A DESIRE TO SIT IN THE WARM HOTEL AND DRINK A HOT ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE”) no Christmas display could possibly be worth becoming a human ice cube. The problems began when I didn’t cop to this upfront. Life lesson from Christmas #39: Communication is paramount to personal happiness.

I did enjoy mass, though. However, the church should fire their costume designer. The star costumes made the kids look like members of the KKK.

Just for today, I can speak my truth on Christmas.



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