2012…Geez, Enough Already…

I get it. Time passeth me by….

I spent the New Year weekend (after Saturday) allowing my hair to regain it’s natural oil balance (i.e., no shower). It’s great once you get past the homeless person phase. Unfortunately, I had to go to work today and, thus, introduced chemicals back into my hair.

I went to a party on New Years where we wrote down what we wanted to let go of on biodegradable helium balloons and then released them to they sky. I wrote some really boring items to let go of on my card, like “Fear” and “Lack of faith.” So unoriginal.

Fortunately, the balloon I actually released contained a message I needed to hear, “Let go of negative self-talk and resentment.” At midnight we let go of all the balloons and watched them fly up into the sky. It was beautiful.

Just for today, I can release the old.



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