Loner Girl No More

The only men attuned to my needs these days are the cooks at the cafeteria where I work. I must have looked particularly depressed a few weeks ago because a cook named Edgar kept asking if I was OK.

” ¿Que pasa? ¿Estas triste?” he asked.

“No, estoy bien….I’m fine!” [TEARS POUR DOWN MY FACE].

Besides the emotional outburst, I think he might have felt sorry for me because he has seen me eating alone a lot. Not that I’m a pariah, people invite me to their tables, but I’m not big on small talk.  It tends to make my eyes glaze over and I might nod off.

“Yes, this weekend should be really nice.  I might go to the beach and….ZZZZZZ.” [HEAD HITS TABLE].

Recently, I’ve been eating lunch with the girl who sits across from me who writes the blog LA Fancies.  After having no friends at work I suddenly met a soul mate friend.  The cook thought we were sisters and today he asked me if we had been friends for years.

“Siempre estabas sola…” said Edar, concerned. “Ahora, ya no.”

Apparently, Edgar had never heard of people eating alone. I don’t think that happens in Latin cultures.  He was concerned.  Now I have a friend.  I feel like the geek girl in a teen movie  who finally gets accepted by a cool kid.

It’s OK, Edgar. I’m used to being a loner.  I’m a big girl.  A big geek girl…but still.

Still, it’s nicer to have a friend at work.

Just for today, I am no longer Loner Girl.



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