Whoops, I Forgot To Have Kids! Oh Well…

So far my mom has been pretty chill about the whole No-Grandchildren-Or-Possibility-Of-It-Happening-Anytime-Soon situation.  However, there’s no telling what will happen Christmas morning. I could very well open a box full of toys and a maternity outfit…BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW.

“Well, I hope one of you has grandchildren,” said my Mom the last time I saw her.

“I think my sister compares pregnancy to the movie ‘Alien’ but that could change.”

I don’t know how to break it to her. I’m 40, single, and not sure I want to have kids.  I know plenty of People With Kids.  Intimately. Some planned their families ten years ago. Others spent a down payment on eggs, hormones and other bio-chemical stuff.  And others traveled to faraway lands to borrow (more like buy) the egg of a 20-year-old broke female.   I have to assume that the idea of a Biological Clock is, yet, another alpha male fantasy to keep the ladies busy changing diapers, BECAUSE THE THOUGHT OF ANY OF THAT NEVER OCCURS TO ME. Kids? Oh, that’s the thing where something comes out of you and you put it through college…I’ve heard of it.


I think you need to have a calling to have children OR be 18-years-old and completely clueless.

I think there’s probably a good reason I don’t have kids. Like maybe it’s really an important job.

It’s strange to make these big life decisions because it doesn’t occur to you that you’re supposed to make them.

Just for today, I still don’t have kids, Mom. (Sorry.)



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