I Said I Wasn’t Going To Write Any More Blogs About Misogyny In Comedy…


This is how I see a misogynist comic.

I said I wasn’t going to write any more blogs about misogyny in comedy. And this happened…

The other night a comic on stage complained (i.e., delivered the premise) that there ARE TOO MANY WOMEN IN MOVIES.  Rape jokes move aside.  We got a new contender.  Us women dare to include ourselves in stories with men!  I better start shopping for burqas.  Setting aside the inherent homoerotic nature of this complaint (he claimed to be straight), it didn’t stop there.  He blamed the density of female characters on ALL THOSE FEMALE MOVIE EXECUTIVES who insert female characters like “Hot Girl” and “Mother With No Life”in movies where they have no business.  See this is what happens when you let women have creative control…

Now that I’ve wasted yours and my time on this fool’s sound and fury, let me get to the point.  I have been playing with the idea of instead of holing up and writing an angry blog (like this one), practicing stating my feelings in the moment.  If all else fails, I’ll have made some major therapeutic breakthrough.  We can dialogue. Perhaps heckling, when done correctly – heckling can be a form of engagement.   So, I’m pondering what to say for my debut as a heckler when he goes on…

“All women want to get married…” he went on. I’m pretty sure he time traveled this premise from the 80’s.

I contemplated sharing my views on marriage, but couldn’t think of the words when a couple stood up.  Then another comic stood up.  So I opted to become part of the mass exodus.  While less interesting, a respectable form of protest.

Then a few nights later a self-identified Young Gay Comic said that “women friendships have no substance.” (This falls in line with premises that begin with “All women…” or “Women always…”).  Being a gay man I’m sure he’s very privy to female friendships.  Good thing he’s gay too, because he can safely alienate women.  Every time a male comic starts a premise with “All women…” I assume he’s never had a girlfriend…

Last night I watched a documentary about the prevalence of rape in the military. In most cases the supervising officer is the perpetrator or friends with the rapists. The resulting PTSD is double that of veterans of Iraq.  And the victims aren’t always women, by actual numbers they are men.

Thankfully, that level of violence has never been a part of my life.  The documentary made these oddball misogynists seem like mosquitoes. They aren’t harmless, but the degree can be taken in stride.

And, yet, a lot of mosquitoes can drain you of all your blood.



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