The Light Flickered On

The other day, while at my my mother’s house, I went to look for scissors and ended up in my her office.  I went through her drawers and things, like her address book from 1961, a picture of me where someone was cut out and a plastic Mickey Mouse decoration that my sister probably bought at Disneyland in 1994.  I just sort of stepped into a pile of grief.  I had already looked through these things before and then had put them back in place in what is now a museum of her life.   She never threw anything away, nor did she forget where such things as my childhood record collection or box of college papers could be found.  Her librarian skills extended into her life.  File my Holly Hobby record player under C for Crap Solange Never Took And Nobody Had The Heart To Throw Out. (Is this too sad, yet?)

I have been feeling better ever since I had a Sign From My Mom.  Please don’t think I’m crazy.  For some reason I care that people see me as a rational person and not an airy new-age-y koo koo (which I kind of am in a older person sort of way).  I do believe that people pass to another realm, energy, plane, place of existence…(not heaven or hell, that’s what we get here on earth, mostly hell though).  I respect reason.  What you’re about to read might color your ideas about my grip on reality.  With that said, I had a visitation from my mother.  Hello!

I have a lot of dreams.  I am, after all, a Pisces.  (DID I LOSE YOU? PLEASE STAY).   It’s just a thing with intuitive emotional types who have trouble staying grounded.   Back to the dream.  I had a bad dream, I guess you could call it a nightmare.  I was in a serious car crash which I experienced in 3-D motion simulation. Kind of like Star Tours.  In the dream someone drove me to the hospital, and I thought to myself, “My mom isn’t here.  I don’t know who to call now that my mom is gone.”

I woke up.  IT WAS JUST  A DREAM. *relief* Time: 4:00 AM. Dark.

*lamp flickers on*

Oh, my lamp just flickered on five seconds after waking up from a bad dream that involved me missing my mother in a profound and deep way

It happened.  If you Google “lamps flicker on spirits” or something along those lines you don’t find a lot of well-designed websites.

Other family have had their own experiences which I can’t share.

Doubt if you will.  I do feel good about it.




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