I Watched The Entire Fourth Season Of “Girls”


No, this is not a still shot from “Girls.” Still, Julie Hagerty was brilliant in “Airplane.”

I thought this kind of stuff only happens to other people.  But, no, I laid down on my couch one night and watched the entire fourth season of “Girls”.   Yes, I know I’m way late to the party on this, seeing as the season premiered way back in January…but, like I said, this wasn’t supposed to happen TO ME.

Maybe it’s the earth tone colors, or the idea that New York is still an Artist’s Town where people sculpt things or debut their folk songs at brunch.  Or the notion that twenty-somethings have time to just hang out and brood about life like real care-free young people. Everyone I know who moved to New York after college seemed to turn 40 overnight.  And that was in 1994. (Yes, I’m old).

Yes, I know, you’re thinking. Solange, weren’t you once in your twenties?  Following every whim and rando guy who paid you five seconds of attention?…Yes, I was.  I was everything the “Girls” are: self-absorbed, self-important, self-everything….and, arguably, still am.  But the difference is that if someone had said to me at 23, “We want to make a television show of your life,” I would have invited them into the three bedroom cat urine and pot-smelling Venice house that I shared with three other people and asked, “Do you really find this interesting?! WHAT WE TWENTY SOMETHINGS DO IS A BORING LEARNING EXPERIENCE THAT OLDER FOLKS ALREADY HAD.”  Maybe I had little to no respect for my own life experience or, more likely, it didn’t even seem interesting to me.

As a writer I understand the need to create flawed and irritating characters… hello, “Seinfeld” and even “Sex and the City”…but much of “Girls” misses a level of satire that lets a character get away with murder or whining.  I once watched the movie “Airplane” (yes again, I’m old) with a Serious Actor Boyfriend who pointed out that Julie Hagerty could both act the part of Elaine and comment on that performance.  Ricky Gervais did this in the British version of the “The Office.”

Snide judgments aside, I will give it up to Lena Dunham who  kind of rocked the satire this season. I loved anything that makes fun of Iowa Writing School and  Hanna’s unwillingness to take herself that seriously.  I also liked Ray Ploshansky.  Peter Scolari (loved “Bosom Buddies”) could do so much more.

That’s all.  I don’t know if this will happen again.



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