This Website Endorses Hilary Clinton For President


It’s alright that I took this picture straight off the NY Times endorsement…right?

Yesterday, the New York Times published an editorial endorsing Hilary Clinton for President.   Today, endorses her as well.  Media, take note! This blog support Hilary Clinton for president for the following reasons:

1) She understands political realities.   Hilary understands the game.  She works within the system.  Her number one goal is to get shit done.  Yes, she has changed her mind about healthcare from when she was a doe-eyed wife of a presidential candidate in 1992.    In 1992 I believed in my Top Gun bomber jacket and a life dedicated to Art.  But things came up that made me question my Ayn Rand type of thinking, things like, rent and heath insurance.   Reality.  Hilary knows a thing or two about reality.  Presidential husbands lie, politicians turn their backs and haters hate…she can work with that now. Especially having weathered more shit storms than a public restroom. Sorry, for the gross analogy, but the Hilary in my head would say it’s true.

2) She forgave her cheating husband and moved on.   If we discredited all women who stayed with their philandering partners the list would include Frida Kahlo,  Simone De Beavoir, and Eleanor Roosevelt, just to name a few that we know about.  Brilliant males do horrible things.   Sometimes their brilliant wives want to keep their husbands’ brain around, but you can’t separate the cerebral cortex from a penis: you have to live with the whole human.    Bill’s escapades were just a hiccup in the wheel of Hilary’s life’s work.  She faced public humiliation and came out more committed than ever to her goals and life’s purpose.  More importantly, she understands that men and what they do should not be at the center of a woman’s life.   How many people get over betrayal like that and go on to a higher state of bad-assness?

3)  Bernie is great, but Hilary is Badass.   I’d love to have Bernie Sanders sitting next to me at Thanksgiving.  I’d even feel OK letting him give me a hug. But we’re talking about leader of the free world.    Hilary Clinton is a searing comet, the mountain around which the wind blows.  Bernie is a solid Pine tree on top of the mountain.  Maybe my metaphors are falling apart, but the point is that women, forces of nature, create weather.

4) She inspires me.  I am a fairly non-political person.  I think the system is rigged and all politicians have howling winds where their souls should be (more nature metaphors).   And, yet, in 2008 I did unusual-for-me activities, like drive to Hilary Clinton’s campaign office and call strangers and ask them to vote for her.   I did this not because I didn’t want the other person (Obama) to win, but because I wanted Hilary to lead this country.  Prior to this moment in my life, my political choices consisted of  justifications like, “Well, he’s better than  this other creep.”   My faith in Hilary has nothing to do with anyone else.  I sometimes cry when I think of her winning. This has no basis on intellectual thought. I understand the criticisms. I just believe in her.  I feel it in my bones.

5) She inspires me some more.  I have learned that female success results in a lot of hate, snark and comments about said woman’s appearance. Have you noticed that?  No?   Hilary has absorbed more than her share of that hate and somehow has managed to contain it in a box marked “toxic” that she stores with her feelings towards Gennifer Flowers and large glasses.  Because this giant box has contained so much hate and bile, she’s really making the world a less toxic place for women.   Whether or not you support her, she’s made the world a better place to be a woman.

Therefore, this websites fully endorses Hilary Clinton for the democratic nomination.



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