Woohoo for “Lady Dynamite”!


Weirdness descends on Maria’s Thanksgiving.

Netflix (finally!) set free into the world my pal Maria Bamford’s wonderful new show “Lady Dynamite.” While it’s nothing new to feel this way about Maria’s work, I’m so proud and excited you’d think I’d done more than just background artistry, (albeit very diligent and skilled background acting).


Who’s this Bitch?

If you place some toothpicks between your eyelids you might catch me as a guest at Maria’s awkward tense Thanksgiving dinner. Or you can see me cry at Blossom’s funeral while one of the Karen Grisham’s (played by June Diane Raphael) cuts in front of me. (Bitch!)

Anyone who has seen Maria perform knows that she’s touched (in a good way) by a special talent.   Direct contact to source energy, if you will.   But even insanely talented people struggle and fear.   In fact, sometimes I think the more talented the person, the more struggle and fear. I have seen much confidence behind a dick joke (didn’t mean to go negative….but, maybe a little).


Vision Boarding with Maria in 2002.

Over the years, (creaky old lady voice) I have spent many a New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day creating vision boards with Maria. My VBs often featured touched up pictures of models pretending to be in love and paradise vacation spots (let’s face it, there is no vision that doesn’t begin in a magazine ad.)  Maria always honored one thing in her VBs and in life: Creativity.   She communes closely and possesses a deep reverence for the mystery and power of The Muse. She  also, not surprisingly, has a lot of respect for everyone’s unique weirdo-ness. She once told me that any show (not just standup) is a unique beautiful and perfect work of art that was meant to exist exactly as it manifested.  In other words, she honors the over-confident dick joke.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 11.48.15 AM I was into my 4th hour of Saturday morning binge-watching the show, when I heard my name come out of TV Maria’s mouth and saw my name appear on the close captioning of the screen.   (Audiences may assume that TV Maria is friend’s with Beyonce’s sister). Lennon Parson, who plays Larissa, had told me this when I worked on the show (scene stealing extra) but I had completely forgotten.  Needless to say, I felt deeply honored.

I have since finished the show and am going to do a second round of appreciation-watching for all the jokes and layers I missed.

Looking forward to the future of Lady Dynamite!



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