Only Six Days Into 2018 And I’ve Already Had Two Days Of Needles Stuck Into My Face

My embattled superhero look.

My genius plan to start off the year at maximum productivity resulted in back-to-back dental and cancer (basal cell carcinoma) removal. As a result, I got to experience two days of needles stuck in my face…LET’S HEAR IT FOR  SELF-CARE.

Thrilled that’s it over, but humbled by the years of denial that led up to it.  I now understand how people die of treatable diseases every day. It took me years to get my “this is weird, probably not normal, I really should get this looked at” bump on the side of my nose looked at.

To my credit, I did go to the dermatologist about it  five years ago and he told me that it was probably a something something, but not cancerous. And if he removed it, it would leave a scar. SCAR! NEVER! So five years go by and this thing looks bigger and sometimes if I scrub my face to hard it starts to bleed. It causes a lot of stress about the idea that I might have skin cancer. So much stress that I can’t bring myself to go to the dermatologist about it again. Because what if IT IS CANCER?!  NOT DEALING WITH THAT. I got other stuff to worry about, like relationships ending, ultrasounds, and financial fears.  Next month I’lll do it. Oh, and next month. A few years go by and I go to the dermatologist for an entirely different reason and at the end I casually say, “What do you think about this thing?”

Dr. Lee apologized profusely, as if this were all his fault, and I left his office on Friday hugging the nurse after six hours of mostly-waiting Mohs Surgery.  At least I can feel like an adult now.

Bottom line: get your weird skin growths checked out. Happy New Year!



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