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Hair Gel and Birthdays

On Saturday I met my friend Jennifer at a fancy coffee place in West Berkeley.  We have stayed in touch, but the last time we were really close we spent most of our days keeping our hair frozen or stuck in some … Continue reading

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Birthday Piñatas

I doubt that many moms today would look kindly upon the practice of allowing a blindfolded kid to swing a bat or other stick-like object with total destruction in mind.   Not to mention, the blindfolded kid first gets spun around … Continue reading

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Great Birthday, Real Life…Meh

Birthday Party. Sangria. Wine. Friends. Salsa Friends. Salsa Music. Non-salsa friends leave at 11:00 pm. Salsa Friends arrive at midnight. More wine. Sangria. Deep soulful discussion about relationships, men, women, love, sex. Sensitive male perspective. More wine. Groping ensues. Pervy … Continue reading

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Birthdays, Please Stop Coming…

I celebrated my birthday with some salsa dancing, pinkberry, and more salsa dancing. I had three freaking birthday dances (when all of a person’s salsa friends dance with you). By the last one, I felt ready to puke out a … Continue reading

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Celebrating Five Years Of Stella’s Blog!!!!!!

I was sitting here at Peete’s, drinking my crack, getting my democratic primary information fix, when it dawned on me that today’s the five year anniversary of the very first time I posted Stella’s Blog! In some ways, this anniversary … Continue reading

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Birthday Dinner At Dad’s House

I’m visiting my family for a few days, and am currently staying at my dad’s house where I recently finished having dinner (ribs, ravioli, and salad) with Dad, Dad’s Girlfriend, Her Kids, Aunt (it’s her birthday today), and Cousin. During … Continue reading

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Birthday Aftermath

Slutty Dress went off without a hitch at Birthday #36. I, somehow, managed to dance in it without giving the world a glimpse into anything that haven’t “earned” (my therapist’s words) the right to see (I did wear about five … Continue reading

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I’m So Fucking Old!!!! (Did I Mention That It’s My Birthday?)

Just had to get that out of my system. Someone needs to invent a way to stop time from passing (they could make some serious cash). Ok, so for my birthday I’m 1) wearing a slutty dress (tomorrow night), 2) … Continue reading

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Now Is The Time…

My salsa dress came in the mail the other day. I’m a little uncomfortable wearing such a scanty amount of fabric, but really, if I can’t wear a slutty dress at 36, when can I? When I’m 80?! My friend … Continue reading

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My Birthday Is Coming Up…

…pretty fucking soon (what’s up with all this swearing?). I’ve been thinking about hitting 40 minus 4 in counting (that would be 36 for those of us subtractionally challenged), and that it could be time to begin the legendary Biological … Continue reading

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34th Birthday!

I know this may not be shocking to some (many), but I’m amazed I made it to (BORING) 34(?!) without getting hit by a bus. I guess it’s the last dying breath of my rock star fantasy that I would … Continue reading

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