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Crockpots & Paisley Suits

For my 14th birthday, my grandmother bought me a paisley suit from Contempo Casuals.  She loved clothes and Contempo was her store.  She wore leopard print tops (and nightgowns and bathrobes) and three inch heels (as slippers), well into her … Continue reading

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Blazer Casual

I have to be somewhere and look like I care. A little, not a lot. I stare deep into my closet, until I find that thing that pulls it all together and says, “I’m fun…but still kind of serious….and very … Continue reading

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Work Clothes

If Hilary runs for office I will first cry and then brace myself for a national dialogue on the evils of pant suits.  Male politicians don’t have to deal with this kind of fashion scrutiny.   They can throw on a  … Continue reading

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My Dreams Aren’t Helping

I had a dream that I told Gwyneth Paltrow how much money I spent on clothes last month. “That’s not that much money,” she replied. “That’s nothing.” I woke feeling much more comfortable with my sense of entitlement. Shoot, Gwyneth … Continue reading

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Forever + Infinity

It’s happening. I’m becoming that lady. The one standing between a bunch of 20-year-olds, or rather tripping over them to get to the mini-skirt and halter, or any number of age-inappropriate items…the one who can’t answer one simple question…where do … Continue reading

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Authentic 80’s

I went to an 80’s party last night where a bunch of pushing 40-year-olds pulled out their pastel sports jackets, shiny spandex, and Cabbage Patch moves. I think an 80’s Dance Moves Class might be order, especially if such functions … Continue reading

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I Bought Some Gold Tights At Lunch

They go with my slutty dress. I’m a little worried that the Over Thirty-Five Fashion Police might come after me, but I’ll deal with them (in their high collar Talbot’s outfits) when I have to. I mean, really, if I … Continue reading

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Bad Energy Dress

I’m wearing my Bad Energy Dress today. I’ve worn it on at least one bad date and several bad evenings. It’s really easy (i.e., good for days when I’m feeling a little pudge), comfortable, and (most importantly) cute, I just … Continue reading

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Leopard Print Skirt

I bought a leopard print skirt on a whim. It’s very slutty. I need someplace to go where I can look slutty (besides work…). Just for today, I can express my inner-slut.

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