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The Gilead Handmaids Are More Feminist Than American Women

I keep thinking about the last scene of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” when Aunt Lydia (or Patty form “The Leftovers”) congregates the handmaids at an open field.  One of them says, “God, I hate stonings,” like she has to listen to an … Continue reading

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Woohoo for “Lady Dynamite”!

Netflix (finally!) set free into the world my pal Maria Bamford’s wonderful new show “Lady Dynamite.” While it’s nothing new to feel this way about Maria’s work, I’m so proud and excited you’d think I’d done more than just background artistry, (albeit … Continue reading

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What A Female Comic Sits Through For Stage Time

A few weeks ago I met a brilliant young designer named Emma who interviewed me about an exhibit she plans to curate about Women in Comedy. (Details will be forthcoming.) Prior to meeting her I sent her all the blogs … Continue reading

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This Very Weird Thing Happened…

I was at an open mike a few weeks ago.   A pretty abysmal event.  Open mikes are the homeless shelter of creative people, and easily derail into a group therapy dynamic. However, my friend hosts this particular venue and … Continue reading

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Stand Up Comedy

A few years after I first moved to Los Angeles, I began “performing” stand up comedy. To be honest, I don’t know if you could call it comedy. More of a mix between poetry, performance art, and therapy. I think … Continue reading

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