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A Jennifer Aniston Kind Of Girl

Jennifer cut her hair. I get it. I did the same thing  after a break-up in a mid-twenties-life crisis.  I have this thing with the Angelina/Jennifer rivalry.  I really feel it.  In my bones. Sure, they are both beautiful and … Continue reading

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Robert Blake and Other People With Strange Lives

Last night I attended a small soiree (does anyone know how to add accents with Safari…please inform!) at a house that had been occupied by Robert Blake (the acquitted defendent of the murder of Bonne Bakley…in case you’ve been living … Continue reading

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Someone (Anyone?) to Look Up To

My boyfriend and I went to the Einstien exhibit today at a museum. We were sort hit over the head with the truth that the “greatest” thinker of the 20th century was a raging sex and love addict (i.e. womanizer … Continue reading

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People Worship

Last night I watched a famous director give a talk about his movie to a room full of Worshipful Film School Students. During the question and answer period the Worshipful Film School Students couldn’t help parlaying their question into some … Continue reading

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Academy Awards Acceptance Speech

“Oh, my God! Wow! This is so unexpected! Ok…I’d like to first thank the Academy for this honor. You know, when I started out as a writer/actor/director/producer, I was struggling to make ends meet and never, ever in my WILDEST … Continue reading

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Fame! I’m gonna live forever…

When I was a little girl I used to sing “The Body Electric” to myself in front of the mirror. My 6th grade teacher Ms. Yakota used to teach dance during our exercise period and she would play “What A … Continue reading

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Just for today, I am a success. Why? I am a success because I am financially solvent, a kind person, and I try to be of service to my recovering fellowship. Just because I don’t have my own television show … Continue reading

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