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Two Years: Let’s Talk About the D-Word

[WARNING: This blog post might elicit sadness. Proceed with caution.] Two years ago, shortly after my mom died, I realized that the mention of her death could sometimes make social interactions awkward.   I might get weird looks or, worse, hear the Wrong … Continue reading

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Love, Carrie Fisher, 2016, Etc.

Oh, 2016, you were a pain.  Here I thought I had survived the death of my mother, turning 40, love/career disappointments, turning 40, the transformation of my country into a Banana Republic and, climate change (holy shit, California can get cold). … Continue reading

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How To Survive The Loss Of A Parent

For quite a while now I have wanted to write about how I’ve survived the loss of my mother, a loss that seemed inconceivable to me even a year before she died.  I struggle each time I sit down to … Continue reading

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Eight Months

(WARNING: Post may incite some sadness). It’s been eight months since my mother died. I don’t think people die all of a sudden, so it’s been a eight months-ish. I have accused myself of sharing too many intimate details on … Continue reading

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The Light Flickered On

The other day, while at my my mother’s house, I went to look for scissors and ended up in my her office.  I went through her drawers and things, like her address book from 1961, a picture of me where … Continue reading

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Empathy Challenged

My friend Emily McDowell (who designed the banner for this website) recently launched a line of brilliant “empathy cards” that caused an inspiring tsunami of interest in the world.  She was on Good Morning America, NPR and Slate.  Her work … Continue reading

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Some Frank Discussion

(WARNING: SOME SADNESS AND A FRANK DISCUSSION DEATH.) I have actually had a few “normal” feeling days.  If I can even qualify myself as someone who understands “normal.”  Maybe “upbeat” or even “happy” are better words.  Or the therapy favorite … Continue reading

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Grief, Grandma and My Hacked Website – Two Months

It’s two months today since my mother passed away. I wrote a blog at the one month mark, but it was lost when robots hacked into my site a few weeks ago.  A fact I learned only after several 4:00 … Continue reading

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Birthday Piñatas

I doubt that many moms today would look kindly upon the practice of allowing a blindfolded kid to swing a bat or other stick-like object with total destruction in mind.   Not to mention, the blindfolded kid first gets spun around … Continue reading

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Me And My Mom And A Green Datsun

This weekend my mom told me that it’s “time” for me to settle down with “a short bald rich guy.”  What if he’s 5’10”?  That’s fine, but he MUST be rich.  In all fairness, she only wants happiness and security … Continue reading

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Conversation With Mom Part XXXVIIII

My mom and I have been having the exact same conversation for twenty years. “How are you?” “Tired.” “Are you taking vitamins?” “No. I can’t swallow them. They make me want to puke.” “Well, you can break them in half.” … Continue reading

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