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When In Berkeley…

I moved to Los Angeles in 1995 amidst a flurry of condescending eye-rolls and pitiful looks followed by, “Why? I hate LA!”  Twenty years later, Kevin Bacon and Mobe declare LA “cool” enough to live in. WHOSE ROLLING THEIR EYES … Continue reading

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Some Job Interview Advice

Job interviews can be stressful.  You tow the line of professionalism (aloof, yet competent), while still trying to come across as accessible, real and cool, without creating any awkward David Brent-style TMI moments.  I use words like “intuitive” and “process” … Continue reading

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Geeking Out

My inner-geek has emerged as the result of my enrollment in a User Experience Design class. Theories about the web is like anger to Bruce Banner; my inner-babbling nerd busts out and next thing I know I’m spewing out my … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry But This Is Overkill

I was feeling bad about not giving my blog a 2010 facelift, with all the eight million ways to follow all my non-existent posts. And then I came across this signature. BLOG: / ichat: nameyahoo: namemsn: c@name.comskype: name … Continue reading

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