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Sometimes I forget how tiring it is to be a woman. Not tired from work or kids, although, from what I have witnessed, that is the first and primary source of exhaustion for women around the world. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Ten Tips For Buying A Car

“Let me go talk to the guys in the back and see what they can do for you,” said Ben the Car Sales Rep at The Dealership. (Not his real name). This was the fifth or sixth time Ben had … Continue reading

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Wandering Around Target

I went to Target last week because I needed to stock up on shower liners and S.O.S. pads…Ok, fine, I went because I just like wandering around Target.   It’s disturbing that I relax inside Target, but so very true. There’s … Continue reading

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A Little Heart Heavy…

I had a breast ultrasound on Friday.  (For more info on my dense fibrous breasts and how I feel about mammograms click here.) I’ll cut to the chase and say I’m fine.  The cyst has shrunken.  Cancer doesn’t usually get … Continue reading

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In Excellent Sheep’s Clothing

I went to Yale. There, I said it. It happened.  I didn’t say I was a genius or particularly well informed. I just attended a competitive college.  Since I’m not a Kennedy or anything, it’s a little unnerving to admit … Continue reading

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The Cracks In My Ceiling Have Been Repaired

My latest gig is at a company run predominately by Latino people.   I’m half-Mexican American, speak Spanish fluently, and in several ways have always felt like a person of color in a White Woman’s body.  A reverse Oreo. I’ve … Continue reading

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Trying To Talk About My Crisis With Dad

“What’s wrong?” “Just stressed out…I need to have a kid, write a book, put up a cabinet in my bathroom…some major projects. “I’m not going to give you advice…but (blah, blah, blah…insert advice that doesn’t help me)…” “You just told … Continue reading

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I know I make a lot of them. But this time I mean it. I’m making a commitment to bore you, my audience (Hi Mom!), each and every day, by writing in my blog every day for one month. Yes, … Continue reading

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I Should Work for the CIA

I walked out of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf without paying for my de-caf sugar-free soy mocha. I know what you’re thinking. What’s the point of a de-caf sugar-free soy mocha? Why don’t I just mix Equal into some … Continue reading

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Those Crazy Kids

I just came back from visiting the high school where my boyfriend works as a school counselor. I love high school kids. They are so real. Their hearts haven’t been calcified by bad relationships and SUV entrapments on the 405. … Continue reading

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Corrupting the Young

Tonight I told my student to take her fifth grade standardized test and shove it up America’s pompous keep-up-with-the-workaholic-Jonses-who-have-no-family-life-because-mom-and-dad-are-always-working ass. This made some light shine in her eye. While her mother agreed that tests are just a bunch of silly … Continue reading

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