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What I’ve Noticed About Young Dudes

I cancelled Tinder. If you see me on there, it’s a mistake.  Nothing personal. I wish I had swiped right on every man’s (or couple’s) profile before I bailed.  One gesture of love on a device made to reject. Tinder is broken.  … Continue reading

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The Gilead Handmaids Are More Feminist Than American Women

I keep thinking about the last scene of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” when Aunt Lydia (or Patty form “The Leftovers”) congregates the handmaids at an open field.  One of them says, “God, I hate stonings,” like she has to listen to an … Continue reading

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My Vision Board Mocks Me

I recently finished Oliver Burkeman’s lovely “The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking” and feel newly liberated. I’ve embraced anti-positivity for a while, but it became doctrine when I realized that my 2016 Vision Board contained a picture of Hillary … Continue reading

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Podcast – “Jessica & Solange Take Down The Patriarchy”

I met my feminist soulmate, an amazing woman named Jessica Cabot and we started a podcast.  Listen to Jessica and I deconstruct movies on  “Jessica & Solange Take Down The Patriarchy”!

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Why I Can No Longer Watch Dead Or Dying Girls On TV/Internet

The other night I watched a really bad movie — I forgot the name — but it involved caves and scuba diving and my self-inflicted choices were that or “Love Actually.”  When the first two characters died —a woman and the … Continue reading

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What A Female Comic Sits Through For Stage Time

A few weeks ago I met a brilliant young designer named Emma who interviewed me about an exhibit she plans to curate about Women in Comedy. (Details will be forthcoming.) Prior to meeting her I sent her all the blogs … Continue reading

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Eight Months

(WARNING: Post may incite some sadness). It’s been eight months since my mother died. I don’t think people die all of a sudden, so it’s been a eight months-ish. I have accused myself of sharing too many intimate details on … Continue reading

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“The Leftovers” Is More Confusing Than Ever But I’m Still Obsessed With It

Yes, I made fun of the first season of “The Leftovers,” but I’m secretly — well, it’s not really a secret — obsessed with it.  It has a lot of problems.  As  this Grantland article explains, the show suffers from the disease of Pretentious Bullshit as … Continue reading

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I Watched The Entire Fourth Season Of “Girls”

I thought this kind of stuff only happens to other people.  But, no, I laid down on my couch one night and watched the entire fourth season of “Girls”.   Yes, I know I’m way late to the party on this, … Continue reading

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“Narcos” and Other Misogynist Subcultures

I got sucked into the binge vacuum of Netflix’ new quasi-historical series, “Narcos,” about Colombian narcotraficante Pablo Escobar, aka “The King Of Cocaine” or “Mustached Guy Who Could Stand To Do Some Sit Ups” depending on who you talk to. … Continue reading

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Mad Men, Why You Got To End Up That Way?

(WARNING: SPOILERS AND RANTING AHEAD…also you must have some familiarity with “Mad Men”.) Matt Weiner hates Betty Draper.  And his bile can only be surpassed by that of the critics.  Why? Because in a show about the lifestyle of lying, … Continue reading

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