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Not Too Close To Nature

In the history of my life, 2015 might be the Year I Kept It Together…(Sort Of) In The Face Of A Lot Of Shit.  And, yet, I realize that it can always be worse.   On top of difficult loss, I’ve … Continue reading

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The Light Flickered On

The other day, while at my my mother’s house, I went to look for scissors and ended up in my her office.  I went through her drawers and things, like her address book from 1961, a picture of me where … Continue reading

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Coping Mechanisms: May Was Cra-zay

MAY WAS CRAY-CRAY. *wild eyed expression* What did I do in the month of May?  I finished up at my old job, went to New Mexico where I stayed in my parents’ house in the “country” (aka, middle of nowhere), … Continue reading

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My Site Was Hacked Into…

…but now it’s back up!  We’re still working on pulling it back together, but some posts were lost. *pulls hair out* Please bear with me.

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Defending My “Not Tired” Piece published a blog post I wrote entitled “Not Tired” and day-um people wrote some intense comments. I got called “lazy”, “condescending,” “self-righteous,” and “defensive”.   HEY INTERNET, DON’T HOLD BACK OR ANYTHING. Also, one commenter noted that my frequent use … Continue reading

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Say No To Mom Jeans

Last Saturday I went to an open mic where a female comic commented on my schlubby jeans/blouse ensemble. “You used to wear dresses all the time. Now that you’re getting some **** you don’t dress sexy no more!” She could … Continue reading

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Why I Enjoy A Good Head Squish On “Game Of Thrones”…

Like many nerds and non-nerds who enjoy graphic nudity, on Sunday night I took a break from the stress of life to watch a fictitious show wherein the main characters get beheaded, have their face squashed in like a tomato … Continue reading

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The Secret Garden Comedy Show

Please watch The Secret Garden Comedy Show promo video directed by Russell Mills and starring myself and Russell. (I contributed some half-baked ideas). The monthly show begins on Friday, June 6th at The Panini Garden (2715 Main Street Santa Monica) … Continue reading

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Not Tired

I decided not to go to my (ENTER HIGH NUMBER-th) college reunion.  Yes, yes…I know…LAME. Mostly, I felt that it’s too far and expensive, but also I just don’t know if I can stand around and talk about kids and … Continue reading

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Job Posting

Digital Project Manager – Cutting Edge Of Everything Design (Culver City) compensation: DOE Cutting Edge of Everything Design is looking for an experienced Digital Project Manager who can GET SHIT DONE.  You will help define user experiences for web, mobile … Continue reading

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Cinco De Mayo In My Hood

As Cinco De Mayo approaches I dread the impending influx of Drunk White People into my hood.  On behalf of the 1/2 white part of myself I apologize to all Mexicans in the vicinity for the abuse of this holiday … Continue reading

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