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Eat, Pray, Judge

I don’t like to think of myself as someone who takes pleasure in gaining from the misfortune of others — in this case, Elizabeth Gilbert’s separation from her husband; a union she famously wrote about in “Eat, Pray, Love”— but I have … Continue reading

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Artistic Statement For Sundance

Dear Sundance Person, I have no doubt that you have received many qualified applicants for the Playwright’s Lab. Pretty kick ass reputation you’ve got, Sundance.  I’m no slouch, but in regards to my chances of making the cut I do … Continue reading

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Does My Work Reflect Misogynist Thinking?

Guy meets girl. Guy falls for girl. Girl falls for guy. Guy meets another girl.  The. Drama. Begins. Who is the Guy character?  He’s a loser. What kind of a loser?  The kind that doesn’t commit to anything, but feels … Continue reading

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A Blog About My “Process”

So, I wrote this play. I raised money on Kickstarter, found a brilliant director, produced it, and now it’s up and running! But that’s not what I want to write about. What I want to discuss here today is The … Continue reading

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But Is She HAWT?!

I wrote a play called “Changes In The Mating Strategies Of White People” (opening January 17th at The Lounge Theatre…tickets available in December…please come). The play features a strong female lead, a complicated, independent woman who asks the questions facing … Continue reading

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Daisy And Myrtle Have A Connection And Nick Carraway Is Gay

WARNING: You must have some understanding of the novel “The Great Gatsby” for this blog to make any sense or have any meaning.  (And even if you do it still may not). It’s not unusual to have had a college … Continue reading

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A Magical Ride

It’s hard to believe now that when I was 18 that I imagined life as a “writer” as a magical ride to publishing house parties.  Nobody did much to dispel my fantasies (except for Tony Kushner who talked to my … Continue reading

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I Would Call It “The Great Gatsby” But It’s Been Taken

I’ve been “working” (writing + a lot of talking about writing) on this book about salsa dancing for almost five years.  I would have scrapped the project long ago and vowed never to write a book again, but every single … Continue reading

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Invocation to The Muse(s)

I have to write tonight. Park my ass in a chair. Do it. Write, Bitch! I’m kidding. Not about having to write, but about this militaristic approach. It would send me to Facebook, Yogurtland, Nordstrom’s (roughly, in that order) faster … Continue reading

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Yes, I Am Normally This Way

I’m working with some very awesome people on my feature screenplay, “Stella’s Search for Sanity,” and having to share my creative “process” (random, disjointed ideas that I toss into a pot and call a “screenplay”). It’s truly embarrassing to share … Continue reading

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Four Minutes Of Glory

Tonight, I signed up at the Open Mike of Yore (that means the past, I think). Located in a coffee shop that looks like the community room of a hippy Y-camp and feels like a homeless shelter (sorry, Unurban), but … Continue reading

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