My Peeps

I had been feeling isolated as a writer, which isn’t hard to come by when you spend hours alone staring at a computer and waiting for the genius to pour through your fingertips (and then hating yourself when it doesn’t come). I tried connecting with some writers and writer blogs, but inevitably got turned off and annoyed…everyone I met seemed too much like me without any of my imagined charming attributes. The Writer Personality, as far as I’m concerned, is a condition in need of a 12-step program.

So, last night, I reconnected with an old friend from my other life as a stand-up comic about writing, plays, dysfunctional families, and all that other stuff that goes with not drinking yourself into a coma. Afterwards, I felt better, and wondered why I hadn’t thought to call him earlier. Later, I wondered if I’ve made all the important connections in my life. Sure, I’m always open to meeting new people, but am I done looking for friends?

In my 38 years of being terminally singe, artsy, and challenged in the area of intimacy, I have met a butt-load of people. Did I say butt-load? I meant boat-load. (Who wants to meet a butt-load of people? That’s gross.) I may not be able to talk about my feelings with people (blog audiences excluded), but I have a talent for meeting new ones. It might be different for someone who has been married and raising a family, but since I spent so much of my youth, and not-so-youth mingling with the world, I have met quite a few soul mates. I guess when I was younger, I took these connections for granted, thinking that the world was one big therapy session. Sorry, my mistake. Actually, my life is one big therapy session.

I have met some great people, and made good friends. The ones who stick, really stick. Not on me, per se, like a leech, but more like a piece of furniture that has found it’s home in the corner of the room. I may not sit on it, but it’s position creates a flow of feng-shui that gives me peace of mind. (Stickers, leeches, an armoir, chair…could my metaphors get any more disorganized?! Ok, ‘ll try to stay within a category).

It’s not that I don’t want to meet new people, it’s just that if I haven’t met you, yet, there’s gotta be a good reason, like, you haven’t been born, yet, or you have been living in a cave (in which case, get out of your cave!).

I’m grateful for my peeps.

Just for today, I love my friends.



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