Never Underestimate The Power Of A Mascara Brush

I worked last week as a note taker for focus groups.  I sit behind a one way mirror and type up what women have to say about cleanser, eye serum, mascara brushes.  Such products, I learned equates to porn to these women.   I learned that Lancôme makes the best mascara.  Apparently, EVERYONE knows this.  I also learned that 25-year-olds are now using eye wrinkle serum.  Mostly, I realized that women love products because pretty tubes and bottles and creams and colors make women feel soft and feminine. LADIES I GET IT.

On the first day, between groups, I went out for lunch by myself to Lemonade so I could eat some form of highly priced vegetable.  I walked about five blocks in Beverly Hills.  YES I WAS WALKING IN LOS ANGELES.  Right when I arrived at the restaurant I saw a woman who looked stylish and hip. I got closer and saw that she was my friend from a previous job.  THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME IN WEEKS.

She sat with me while I ate kale and some $4 lemonade watermelon rosemary concoction.

She lives somewhere in the valley, I haven’t set foot in Beverly Hills in this decade. And, yet, here we were. The confluence of events that led to this encounter (me starting my note taking gig that very day and she walking to her car from a meeting) made me ponder divine providence.  If the universe can make two friends meet on a random street corner in Beverly Hills, then HOW CAN I NOT GET A GOOD JOB OR MEET THE LOVE OF MY LIFE?

The other question: if this made me believe in God, then how easy am I?  HEY RELIGIONS, IT’S ALL ON YOU.

But divine providence also makes bombs go off and airplanes crash.  BUT THIS SHIT IS REAL…MAN.

The moderator from the focus group let me pick out a beauty product.  I chose the Lancôme mascara.  My eye lashes have never looked more full.

Just for today, the universe if mysterious.



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