I Apologize

I am not worthy.

I just want to say that I’m so so sorry.  SO SORRY.  I’m sorry for any offense I caused when I expressed what looked like disapproval and criticism.  I understand that the world is inherently opposed to any negative feelings a woman expresses. However,  for a brief moment I forgot and indecently revealed my true feelings about bigotry, rampant assault against women (starting with our president), the dissolution of immigrant rights, violence against African-Americans, racism against Latino people, the thousands of poorly-constructed rape jokes spoken by upper middle class-born white males at open mics consisting of 90% males,  hostility and discrimination towards my gender in the work place and the general sense that I need permission and approval before I can open my mouth and speak what I think is “truth” but is probably just the factually-inaccurate workings of my simple female brain.  I forgot my place. And for that I apologize.  Please, accept my apology.

I want to live.



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