Give To Random People

I think the holidays would be more fun if people gave gifts to people they never really see or talk to (and I don’t mean relatives). And I don’t mean strangers. I mean people we sort of bumped into for a period of time…at work or in zumba class, and exchanged a passing soulful conversation or survived a miserable job together.

I bought my high school Spanish teacher a box of chocolates. This man inspired me like no other…although I’m not sure what he inspired me to do. I’m super lazy when it comes to Spanish (though my accent rocks). He once kicked me out of his class for being late, but that didn’t help my life-long lateness problem…Mr. Schrump was just this very loud, very gay, opera singer, actor, compulsive smoker and punner who totally got me. He’s probably pushing 80 now.

Just for today, I feel aligned with the spirit of giving.



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