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I Said I Wasn’t Going To Write Any More Blogs About Misogyny In Comedy…

I said I wasn’t going to write any more blogs about misogyny in comedy. And this happened… The other night a comic on stage complained (i.e., delivered the premise) that there ARE TOO MANY WOMEN IN MOVIES.  Rape jokes move … Continue reading

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“Chill Out…Who Said I Was Into Him?” – A Rebuttal Dating Book

“Hey, Ladies! Are you struggling with dating relationships? Feeling confused or sad?  Willing to do anything? Even read a dating book?  Are you ready to accept that YOU’RE the problem?  Are you ready to see that all your expectations of … Continue reading

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Always Ask A Man…

I love to read books about dating. Not so much for advice, but because of what they say about how women today think and feel.  Most dating books are written with a berating tone and a crusade-like point of view … Continue reading

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