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My Vision Board Mocks Me

I recently finished Oliver Burkeman’s lovely “The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking” and feel newly liberated. I’ve embraced anti-positivity for a while, but it became doctrine when I realized that my 2016 Vision Board contained a picture of Hillary … Continue reading

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Ten Tips For Buying A Car

“Let me go talk to the guys in the back and see what they can do for you,” said Ben the Car Sales Rep at The Dealership. (Not his real name). This was the fifth or sixth time Ben had … Continue reading

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Always Ask A Man…

I love to read books about dating. Not so much for advice, but because of what they say about how women today think and feel.  Most dating books are written with a berating tone and a crusade-like point of view … Continue reading

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Rejected by E-harmony

Not by any individual guy, but the whole organization! I’m apparently in the top 20% of people they can’t find matches for! Despite a total distaste for Internet dating, I fiilled out the extraordinarily long questionnaire out of curiousity and … Continue reading

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It Never Stops…

I just had a moment where I realized that for the rest of my life I’m going to have to deal with the impermanence of life. Until the end of my days I’m going to have to vacuum, change my … Continue reading

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Car Wash

I had to take my car to get cleaned because the insects that nested somewhere in the air conditioning pipes created some sort of fluid blockage (which I never bothered to understand) that had the end result of soaking my … Continue reading

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My accountant gave me a pretty hard time when I told him that I wanted to write off food on my taxes (not meals, just general groceries for the year). He said that it has to be a business related … Continue reading

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