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Invocation to The Muse(s)

I have to write tonight. Park my ass in a chair. Do it. Write, Bitch! I’m kidding. Not about having to write, but about this militaristic approach. It would send me to Facebook, Yogurtland, Nordstrom’s (roughly, in that order) faster … Continue reading

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Yes, I Am Normally This Way

I’m working with some very awesome people on my feature screenplay, “Stella’s Search for Sanity,” and having to share my creative “process” (random, disjointed ideas that I toss into a pot and call a “screenplay”). It’s truly embarrassing to share … Continue reading

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“How I Learned To Dance Salsa And Stop Taking Crapola”

Possible new title for my book. Not sure…too subtle? I’m not sure it matters. Unless my book includes a step-by-step analysis about how to find a husband, it won’t see the light of a printed press. Every book about partner … Continue reading

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I’m supposed to be “writing” an hour a day (I don’t know why I put the word in quotes). So far, I’ve done some yoga poses, washed a few loads, listened to a podcast, obsessed about my thighs, and posted … Continue reading

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This Pandora Station Is Killing Me…(Yes, Softly)

My Norah Jones Pandora station sounded like a good idea until the somber ratio of songs got too high. I’m sure I’d find Nora very soulful and charming in person, but she sounds like she’s perpetually curled up in a … Continue reading

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Forever + Infinity

It’s happening. I’m becoming that lady. The one standing between a bunch of 20-year-olds, or rather tripping over them to get to the mini-skirt and halter, or any number of age-inappropriate items…the one who can’t answer one simple question…where do … Continue reading

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Time For A Serious Blog Post (Sort Of)

I recently saw a celebrated Spiritual Guru in Los Angeles speak on the topic of forgiveness. Throughout her talk, I couldn’t help but wonder how much of the donations to the service would go towards her Botox treatments. I know … Continue reading

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Real Friends

I came home last night from a very social evening to look in the mirror and find a sesame seed stuck between my teeth. I had eaten some wanna-be-sushi item from TJ’s about four hours earlier and that thing must … Continue reading

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