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Crockpots & Paisley Suits

For my 14th birthday, my grandmother bought me a paisley suit from Contempo Casuals.  She loved clothes and Contempo was her store.  She wore leopard print tops (and nightgowns and bathrobes) and three inch heels (as slippers), well into her … Continue reading

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Could I Please Have Another Plate Of Oxygen?

Last night I went to a friend’s birthday party at a hip LA restaurant which shall remain nameless.  The decor resembled the outcome of an improv game played by Liberace and Elton John wherein each “Yes and…”-ed each other till … Continue reading

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Real Friends

I came home last night from a very social evening to look in the mirror and find a sesame seed stuck between my teeth. I had eaten some wanna-be-sushi item from TJ’s about four hours earlier and that thing must … Continue reading

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Good Times With Organic Food

Last Sunday, I bought some beautiful, lettuce-y, organic, lettuce from the Farmer’s Market. This chunk of lettuce (I don’t know what you call it) just called my name. Sometimes I drool over lettuce, I must be missing some lettuce minerals. … Continue reading

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As an over-worked, over-consuming shell of a human being, I no longer have creative thoughts, just sound bites connected to compulsive cravings. Usually, it’s “chocolate,” at which point I harangue (word choice?) Food Guy for anything with a chocolate-like flavor … Continue reading

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Koo Koo Roo

Koo Koo Roo gave me a small chicken breast and about four pieces of roasted potatoes. I almost complained, but then I just walked away like Oliver, or a child in a third-world country receiving nourishment from the first world … Continue reading

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Now, I Remember Why I Don’t Eat Hamburgers…

…it’s just one big serving of an afternoon coma (with no cheese or fries). Through the haze of my Fat Burger Coma (followed by three chocolate Macadamian nuts…not a recommended diet for high productivity), I heard the words “It won’t … Continue reading

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Turning Over A New Leaf

As many know (at least those that I work with), I sit next to the snack table and am notorious for co-opting the wanna-be health food that’s really the Trader Joe’s equivalent of Cheetos, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Like … Continue reading

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I Ate Bad Food Today And It Was Fun

I’m so over my pious food phase. My whole, “sugar is the work of the devil” attitude that really was just a transference of my horror-filled Catholic upbringing onto food (I still wonder if the earth will crack open and … Continue reading

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More Excitement

FYI: Squash is very digestable when sauteed (can someone please tell me how to insert accents?) with a Trader Joe’s stir fry. Just for today, I can eat healthy food.

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Perhaps I Need to Start Listening to Christian Rock

Have you met anyone who listens to this music? Chances are he or she is a pretty upbeat person (I’ve seen it). So, what if it’s kind of the emotional equivalent of sprinkling Splenda all over your life, it’s still … Continue reading

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